Product Listing Of Dream Market

The oldest existing market on the Dark Web – Dream Market; its longevity gives an impression of reliability so many vendors and buyers place their trust on Dream Market. Navigation is pretty straightforward – there’s a right sidebar showing the number of listings for each category and sub-category. The product and service list is long and we will try to briefly introduce the way they are organized into categories.

1. Digital Goods
Dream Market Website
Digital Goods category is pretty packed and consists of the following subcategories:

•    Data
•    E-books
•    Erotica
•    Fraud
•    Fraud Related
•    Hacking
•    Information
•    Security
•    Software
•    Other

Many of these subcategories overlap, meaning that some hacking tools and how-to’s, fraud, information, security items, etc. may belong to various categories. Currently, there are more than 5850 products and services available in Digital Goods category.

The largest subcategory is Information, which has around 2247 items listed; the majority is listed in yet another subcategory – Guides. There are various guides for stealing information, frauds, stealing accounts in online games, hacking, phishing… you name it. There’s no way of knowing how many of these guides actually work, but you may find it worth a try, since most of them cost barely over $4. However, make sure you realize and remember that all of these are… well, illegal, so there’s a fair risk to be caught if your activities are revealed by the LE.

Another very popular Digital Goods subcategory on Dream Market is Erotica and adult websites content. Apparently you can invest in a lifetime access to premium adult website content for mere $10 or less.

It is even possible to get detailed how-to’s on how to make fake IDs, bank accounts, spread viruses via torrent… the list of these is quite substantial.

2. Drugs
Dream Market Website
But, definitely the largest Dream Market selling category is Drugs. In fact, most Online Black Markets exist mainly thanks to drug sales and services. Here you will find literally anything drug-related:

•    Barbiturates
•    Benzos
•    Cannabis
•    Dissociatives
•    Ecstasy
•    Opioids
•    Prescription
•    Psychedelics
•    RCs
•    Steroids
•    Stimulants
•    Weight loss

Cannabis is by far the most popular subcategory on Dream Market. There are 2948 products listed at the time of writing this post. (Just as a comparison, there were 1.8 thousand drug listings on Dream Market in June earlier this year.) You can buy marijuana of various quality and origin; but there is also a huge selection of seeds, hash, concentrates, edibles and synthetics.

The drug world has become very creative these days, and now you can buy something called Cheeba Chews, which is basically a chewing gum that contains a certain amount of THC in it. These come in various flavors, colors and concentrations of THC.

Apart from cannabis, various heavy drugs are also available on Dream Market, ranging from heroin, coke, hallucinogenic mushrooms, crystal meth to anti-depressants, steroid shots and weight loss pills. The list is really long and colorful.

Once again, these substances are not just illegal; they cause serious damage to your health, so be sure to remember this before embarking on this road.

3. Drugs Paraphernalia

This category is especially colorful – you will find here some useful gadgets for storing and smuggling drugs over the borders. So, there are fake soda cans, fake fire lighters, appendages… with hidden compartments; various sniffing kits, pipes and oil vaporizers for enjoying drugs are also available in Drugs Paraphernalia.

4. Services

Another Dream Market category offers a wide selection of illegal services, from hacking, IDs &Passports, Money and others. Many vendors are selling IDs that can pass through various scanners. Counterfeit bank notes, mainly Euros and Dollars, can also be found in this category. The cost of these services varies quite a bit; and even though there is no reliable evidence that these counterfeit bills can actually pass the checking, but judging by the number of listings in this category, apparently many people are ready and willing to invest in services from this category.

5. Other
Dream Market Website
Category Other features a selection of counterfeited design clothes, wristwatches, sneakers, shoes, and even cigarettes made in Russia and Ukraine which are much cheaper than those from western countries.

Things you won’t find on Dream Market

Despite the colorful selection of items and services available on Dream Market, some things you won’t be able to find here, such as child pornography. Like any other decent online black market, Dream Marketplace has a strict policy against child pornography, guns and rifles, assassinations, kidnapping and similar.

It seems that things are changing rapidly on the Dark Web. Agora, once the most popular market, is still out of the picture; AlphaBay is reporting of the increase in its numbers (of users and of listings); Abraxas Market did an exit scam on its users. As for the Dream Market – earlier this year, in June to be precise, the total number of listings was 2.5 thousand; now this number pertains only to cannabis listings!