Withdrawal Issues On Dream Market

Dream Market has issue with its escrow account.

It’s emerging that Dream Market has problems with its escrow account that’s denying some people access to their money.

One user tried making a transaction but got a message reading “this vendor isn’t allowed to finalize early.”

But he’s not alone in this case since many other vendors have also complained on Reddit about the same thing. Even support is not offering a solution on this matter.

Additionally, there are those saying that the escrow issue isn’t new but rather started about a month ago.

They believe this problem isn’t about finalizing early as some people think, customers have been trying to release funds in time from their escrow accounts and Dream Market is still not allowing them.

Following these developments, admin has reiterated by claiming that they have a limit on the amount of funds which can be released to them.

Given the delayed response from Dream Market, some people are already raising eyebrows as to the marketplace’s real intentions.

There are those who said he hadn’t sold products worth more than $2K in a week, but still not able to withdraw from the site.

They claim Dream Market might be scammers, and people should watch out lest they lose their funds with them.

One user tried disputing an order so as to get back his coins; however, there was no dispute button available and the order ended up being auto finalized in just 14 days.

He finished by writing on Reddit that he didn’t really understand what was going on.

Other users urged them not to generalize the situation by claiming that Dream Market is trying an exit scam.

Some dealers have warned others to practice extra caution when doing business on Dream Market, for the time being things seem quite hazy and not suitable for free trade. Word is going around that the marketplace is actually planning an exit scam.

To make matters more puzzling, they told some account holders that even after authorizing their FE rights all transactions above 0.6 BTC were going to be approved first by admin.

These users think it’s rather unreasonable to get the support team involved in all private deals made over 0.6 BTC, which translates to about $300.

Nevertheless, this issue isn’t a first for the marketplace since several months ago other Reddit users raised the same problem.

These disgruntled users are urging people to remove funds from their accounts, claiming the faster it’s done the better for safety purposes.

This escrow problem is affecting both small and big vendors in equal measure; even those with an overall rating of 4.95/5 have been affected. It goes to counter the belief that only low-rated accounts are being victimized, something that’s absolutely not true.

Even those who do clean business on the marketplace have complained that their escrow accounts are not working; it’s not just those selling drugs or other illegal items that have raised concern.

As matters are appearing, some users said that Dream Market is supposedly delaying release of escrow coins to traders so as to increase their overall coin sum and pull an exit exam on unsuspecting victims.

Only time will tell what happens. I personally don’t think they will exit scam yet as they are not really big enough to walk away with enough BTC to make it worth their while.