Is Dream Market Going Exit Scam?

login scamThere are reports by users that Dream Market is probably pulling an exit scam, some have complained that they are facing difficulties with login in, despite other similar marketplaces on the Tor network working quite well.

A trader raised concern that Dream Market suddenly disabled their 2FA login details in spite of selling more than 250 products, with an overall star rating of 5.

They cannot access the account anymore, and have loads of fresh orders to handle including those that had already been accepted before and only awaiting shipment.

However, what worries the dealer, even more, is that they wrote four contact forms to Dream Market but got absolutely no response from them.

The trader and his team went further to seek for help from DM’s forum page but still got nothing.

Things got worse from there after the admin unexpectedly removed their forum account, probably because they were asking too many questions about the market’s activities.

This vendor didn’t give up despite all the setbacks; he logged back in using different buyer accounts and to his surprise, the original vendor account was still functional.

These outcomes have made the traders believe that Dream Market is trying to scam them, plus very soon the site may pull an exit scam on users.

Another account holder reiterated that he had been trying to get back online for a while, but Dream Market was not operational during that entire time.

Earlier on, clicking on messages or marketplace posts also proved futile since this took him to a blank page, where he was left with no other option but restarting the Tor browser again, hence, leading him to the same errors once more.

Initially, he thought this problem was only tied to Tor, but as it turns out, that is not the case since other darknet marketplaces have not been affected at all.

Scam onlineNevertheless, other users urged them not to generalize the situation by claiming that Dream Market is trying an exit scam.

Instead, saying they need to get the facts right before making such statements.

A user has asked for proof and requested for pictures of messages from admin saying that they were not going to let him in.

Otherwise, everything else can only be regarded as hearsay.

Given these facts, it’s probable that the complainant’s account got hacked by somebody else, likely an individual working closely with them.

In his defense, the victim said that even after signing to prove who they really were as traders, things still did not work out.

He confirmed they only use 2FA logins on Tor marketplaces and are not used to giving “plausible excuses,” such as the online account had been taken over by somebody they work with, or other similar incidents.

The trader claims the only reason they raised alarm over this occurrence is so that their customers can know what’s going on, and reach out to them for further direction.