Dream Market Adds Bitcoin Cash Payment Option

Bitcoin Cash
Popular darknet marketplace Dream Market has incorporated Bitcoin Cash into its operations as a payment option.

In a bizarre yet significant move, Dream Market has yet again made headlines with an integration of Bitcoin Cash into their system.

While it may seem like a wonderful idea, observers can only speculate about why the popular darknet market chose to go for Bitcoin Cash considering its deficiency, particularly in anonymity and privacy.

Dream Market Is Back, But Not Without a Twist

It has come as fantastic news to see Dream Market make a return from a “maintenance” hiatus devoid of numerous associated problems.

In what has gradually become a popular trend, most prominent darknet markets that announce the decision to go into maintenance either disappear if not just shut down.

For this instance, however, the downtime was scheduled.

And as it appears, the operators of this platform seem to have made the best out of the period.

To be precise, they incorporated an additional cryptocurrency into their system for both buyers and vendors to utilize, although this move will not come without its fair share of controversy.

While it is fair to state that Bitcoin Cash has witnessed substantial success so far, it is still not among the currencies that anyone would go for—especially to conduct transactions on the dark web.

One would be inclined to assume that individuals who carry out their operations across the dark web would insist on privacy and anonymity as the fundamental conditions first.

Flying altcoins with Bitcoin
Dream Market adopted cryptocurrency payment options

And if that were indeed the case, then cryptocurrencies such as BCH and BTC would not have a place in the industry. Not only do they not guarantee complete privacy, but they also fall short on the anonymity aspect.

Even with the deficiency of darknet-oriented services and tools, the significance of the new addition of BCH as a payment option for Dream Market cannot be downplayed.

This is reiterated by the fact that Dream Market is the first of its kind in the darknet market community to endorse the use of BCH officially.

For any user who is willing and open to making use of this altcoin, the process is quite simple: go to your account settings and turn on BCH support. Its integration promises to be an exciting unfolding as we wait to see whether or not it will spark any interest among users nonetheless.

Currently, there is an outright ongoing battle within the darknet marketplace world. Just after the foreclosure of many prominent and famous marketplaces courtesy of law enforcement takedowns, the demand for privacy-oriented options of payment has been on the rise.

And while Monero seems to have cemented its reputation as the best option with this regard, the Dream Market operational team seems to have overlooked this factor and instead settled on Bitcoin Cash for reasons best known only to them.

In recent times, we have witnessed various marketplaces eradicate the use of Bitcoin for its lack of privacy and anonymity, and instead go for the more reliable Monero. As such, it only remains to be seen which particular currency next assumes the position of “favorite” in the darknet market industry (among typical dark web users).

Up until now, it is still a mystery why dark web platforms would decide to incorporate the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

Until just recently when Dream Market decided to do the unthinkable, it seemed unlikely that any dignified marketplace—especially because of the type of transactions and operations that happen within Dream Market—would decide to adopt cryptocurrency payment options such as BCH, mainly due to their transparency concerns.

With this critical move, the community can only hope that this decision by the Dream Market team ultimately plays out in their favor.

While adding Bitcoin Cash seems like a remarkable idea, it may also be one that comes to haunt them—especially since it is not without controversy.

With its alleged lack of anonymity and privacy (both which are essential for dark web operations), the preference of BCH could well prove a thorn in the foot for Dream Market in the coming days.

Nonetheless, it is only with time that it will become apparent precisely what the future holds with regards to the use of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in darknet marketplaces.