Newly Launched Hacking Forum Hacked By Hackers

A hacking site, dubbed as a “Darkode wannabe,” was hacked by unidentified hackers shortly following its launch.

In what is possibly the most ironic incident so far this year, a hacking forum was hacked by other hackers shortly after its launch.

Intended to be a copycat version of Darkode, a hacking and malware marketplace that was shut down by the FBI in 2015, it did not take long before the new hacking forum was torn apart by hackers who made away with vital user login credentials and account information.

In addition to causing blushes to the administrators of the forum, this could expose the identities of hacking professionals who had already created accounts on the site.

Hackers Targeted Former Darkode Users Information

A copy of the data, provided by the breach notification site LeakBase, revealed that the hackers made away with a database full of Darkode users’ hashed passwords and usernames.

In addition to passwords and usernames, the hacking also produced email addresses and, worryingly, the IP addresses of its users.

This last bit is cause for concern for more than a few users who signed onto the hacking forum, especially if any of them have been involved in any recent criminal activity.

Understandably, most users of the hacking forum are worried about having their real locations attached to their internet identities.

Hacked Hacking Forum Logged User IP Addresses

The hackers made away with a database full of Darkode users’ hashed passwords and usernames.

A point of contention in this ironic turn of events is the fact that the forum logged user IP addresses.

This was something that one a perpetrator of the hacking, “FuckInterpol,” was quick to point out and express concern about.

As is typical of many hackers, this particular group left a strong message in which they told the users of the hacking forum that their forum had been “owned.” They were also quick to point out the lacking operational security of the forum’s administrators, particularly when it came to data security and management.

They followed up their message with the deletion of all the other threads on the forum.

Staff Member Admits He Could Have Played an Important Role in Hacking

Going by the moniker “Bullets,” the hacking forum staff member admitted that he could have unwittingly helped the hackers to get in by using a password from a site that was previously hacked.

Nevertheless, he was ready for any repercussions seeing that he used it knowing the worst case scenario could take place.

He revealed that he was only interested in seeing what went on in the hacking forums and as such, did not leave as much compromising information.

Using a common password was therefore not a move that was thought out to completion, as he did not think he would remain with the site.

Hacked Hacking Forum Had Poor Opsec

The site administrators have come under fire due to their less than acceptable opsec, which has undoubtedly put the hacking site’s users in more trouble than they had originally thought they would be in.

We can only wait and see whether the federal government will swoop in to pick up the criminals whose identities and locations have been revealed.