Abraxas Vanished – Dream Market Rising Up

With the recent vanishing of online marketplace Abraxas in an assumed exit scam from the Dark Web, this leaves room for Dream Market and other online markets to take its place. The Dark Web is full of such marketplaces fighting for control of this giant underground Internet space. Every now and again one marketplace will perform an exit scam. This means that the online store will fold the company, take all the users’ bitcoins and disappear without a trace, leaving its users empty handed.
Abraxas Market-Darknet giant Abraxas has vanished from the dark web, leaving its users baffled by its disappearance. Known to be one of the biggest marketplaces on the dark web, it was thought that perhaps Abraxas could have been the victim of a DDoS attack; a type of cyber hacking that resulted in its demise. It has been known to happen that online marketplaces will schedule such attacks on one another to reduce the competition between them. Indeed, many users are in denial that the seemingly reliable Abraxas could have performed an exit scam. They believe that Abraxas is simply being attacked and does not have the adequate resources to fight back currently, but will be back online soon.
Dream MarketCompetitor Dream Market has been online 2013 and has become very successful in those couple of years. The main success for Dream Market has come fairly recently. It runs in the usual fashion using an escrow system using the online bitcoin currency. A user is able to access the site through Tor (The Onion Router) on the dark web. It has been proven as a secure marketplace that reliably makes deliveries to its customers. Dream Market is the oldest existing darknet marketplace and is therefore the number one candidate for filling the gap that Abraxas has left.

Users are certainly thought to be treating Dream Market as their new alternative darknet marketplace. As it has been online so long, it is deemed as a trustworthy reliable online market and less likely to exit scam than newer marketplaces. The site allows users to either purchase or sell items. Allegedly they primarily deal in drugs and digital accessories. Like many darknet marketplaces, Dream Market does not follow any local restrictions that might exist in a particular country. This means that a user can use the site to order items that are not legally allowed into the country. Ordering such items is a criminal offense and is left to the discretion of the user whether they will attempt to order such products or not.

In order to access Dream Market the user must take many security precautions, including the use of a VPN service to disguise their IP address. A VPN service not only disguises your location but also your identity and hides all your Internet activity from anyone by encrypting all the data. The user must use the Tor browser, which will allow them to access the site anonymously. Users also need to ensure that their addresses are encrypted when they are communicating with vendors in Dream Market.

Becoming a vendor on such a site is a much more arduous affair. Scammers are common, and in order to receive a badge that marks you of trusted status as a seller on Dream Market, a user has to have a lot of positive feedback. This requires the user to have made many successful transactions on Dream Market. This disadvantages new vendors to a heavy extent as they have not yet earned this label of advanced status.

Although the law makes an attempt to monitor the activity of the Dark Web and intervene when possible, their attempts at stopping the online vending of illegal items barely scratches the surface. When they arrested the owner of the Silk Road marketplace, other darknet sites rose up to take its place immediately. In this case Dream Market and other online vendors are stepping into the shoes of Abraxas.