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Dream Market URL

It’s quite possible that you’ve stumbled upon a Dream Market URL, or some other darknet market URL, which your browser seems unwilling to open. You’re in luck then because here’s a little guide on how to access and safely browse the Dream Market URL. Sounds fun, I hope?

Basic know-how about .onion URLs, dark web and its darknet markets

There are 3 layers of the internet: for want of a better word – regular internet, deep web and dark web.

Deep web represents everything that search engines can’t index. Some of that stuff can be accessed by regular browsers and some can’t. Those that can’t usually have .onion domain, which are not actual domains. It means that the website with this so called domain is located somewhere in the Tor network.

Tor stands for The Onion Router, which is basically a name for the super-encrypted network that encrypts information in three layers. To do that, Tor uses several routers which bounce you from one place to another until you finally reach your destination. It actually bounces your connection and on each bounce you, that is your connection, get a new IP address.

Consequently, anyone watching your connection (unless the feds have employed a university to hijack the Tor network as they did in 2015) will have no clue who you are and where you are coming from. And the information that is hidden refers to the actual IP address and physical location of both sender and receiver of the information. But, enough about that. We go into more detail below how to further encrypt your connection and make it virtually impossible to crack.

The fact that it is possible to hide your identity on deep web lure a lot of people who are looking to “beat the system” or just want to engage in some illegal activities; so, deep web is full of drug dealers, weapon dealers, pornography dealers, counterfeit ID and money makers, etc. This part of deep web is called the dark web.

Numerous darknet markets have sprung out in this part of the internet and the Dream Market is just one of them. And yes, Dream Market definitely abounds with tons of illegal stuff; but you can also find some legal items as well.

As mentioned, you’ll need some special tools for accessing Tor network .onion domains.

Dark Web Tools

First of all, you’ll need a browser that can handle .onion URLs and for that there is Tor Browser.

1.    Tor Browser

It is entirely free and it runs on various platforms. How Tor Network operates has been explained above in short and numerous times in detail on this blog; but, it is important to know that you shouldn’t play too much with browser settings, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Simply run it like any other application by its default settings.
tor downloadTor is basically an older version of Mozilla Firefox with some modifications. But, if you tamper with the settings and for example enable scripts, your IP address can be compromised; so, refrain from making any changes to settings and just paste the Dream Market URL – voila, you are there!

You can find the Tor Bundle on the following address:

BUT DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT YET. The feds are tracking everyone that is now downloading Tor and making database with your details. You can get around this by using a VPN. You need a VPN anyway so I highly recommend that you get the VPN before you download Tor. We go into more detail about this below.

2.    Tor is not enough

No matter how safe Tor may sound, it’s not enough to use just Tor. It is known that Tor Network security has been breached at least on one occasion, and there is a known possibility that someone who has access to many Tor node might learn your actual IP address which means they know where you live and who you are.

So, the best way to secure your identity before going to Dream Market is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN is just a simple software app that can run on your laptop or any mobile device (depending on the VPN provider). You a find good VPN by clicking here.

This is another way to further “mask” your IP address and if you’re wondering why the hell you need Tor if VPN can hide your address; you must remember that VPN can’t open .onion URLs as a VPN is not a browser, it is a way to encrypt all of your internet traffic. So, you need to use both of them. By using a VPN, even if the feds did hijack Tor again then they still wouldn’t know where you are or who you are because the VPN has encrypted your internet so they don’t even know you are using Tor and also you will have the same IP address as thousands of other users so they don’t know who is who!

There are many VPNs and some of them are fairly good but a lot of them are shit. There are a couple that are free but they are generally the shittest and will log your usage so that is a definite no no.

Things to look for in a VPN:

•    No Logs (means they don’t log any of your usage)
•    Fast Speeds
•    Compatible with Tor
•    Payment with Bitcoin (for added anonymity)
•    Lots of countries to connect to
•    Tier 1 providers are best (They own and manage their own servers opposed to renting rack space from a 3rd party)

A good site that tests all of the VPN’s is

After you have gotten a VPN the turn it on and go and download the Tor browser.

Accessing the Dream Market URL

Now, you’ve got everything that you need to be able to access the Dream Market URL or any other darknet market.

1.    Start your VPN
2.    Launch your Tor Browser
Tor browser
3.    Open the Dream Market URL: http://6khhxwj7viwe5xjm.onion/?ai=552713 If the first one does not work then use this alternate:

and if you try to open it with your regular browser, you’ll find it unwilling to cooperate.
4.    When you finally open the Dream Market URL, you will have to register an account in order to access the vast majority of items in offer. (This will also be the case with any other darknet market as well.)

5.    Registration is pretty straightforward, similar to any other place on the website

DreamMarket Register
a.    Choose your login name, making sure to use something you’ve never used before – you don’t want your Dream Market account to be linked to any of your other accounts containing personal information.
b.    Choose your password and make it a strong one.
c.    Choose your withdraw PIN. This is something you need if you’ll ever want to withdraw money from your Dream Market account.
d.    Finally, enter the simple captcha code, having in mind that the captcha is case sensitive.

DreamMarket Login
After this short guide on how to open the Dream Market URL, it’s a good idea to study our guide on how to buy stuff from the Dream Market. In order to buy things on Dream Market you’ll need to have bitcoins, most widely used cryptocurrency, and you will also need something called PGP in order to be able to communicate with vendors in a safe, encrypted environment.

DreamMarket Homepage
And that’s about it – enjoy browsing through the myriad of items, such as jewelry, forgery, software and hardware and of course narcotics. The market is simple to navigate and you’ll find all the listings you are interested in neatly organized into appropriate categories in the right sidebar. Be careful what you’re doing and have fun on the Dream Market.


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