Dream Market: Features

Although Dream Market is the oldest existing dark web marketplace, not all dark web market users have heard of it; which is odd, especially if you consider the reliability of the goods and services that they offer. The key to their success lays perhaps in the customer-oriented service, dual rating system, top security and anonymity for both vendors and buyers, and many other neat features.

The following are just some of the features offered by Dream Market:
1. Using bitcoin transactions to increase anonymity – this is especially useful if you are buying or selling items on the Dark Web. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that’s not easily traceable, unlike regular currencies (hence the appeal!). There’s no way that anyone can trace back to your purchase, especially if you do everything right (look into bitcoin tumbling).

2. Escrow system to prevent fraud – this system has proved quite useful on many dark web markets and is also used on Dream Market. The basic idea is the following: when ordering an item from the marketplace, buyers pay for it, but instead of the bitcoins going directly to the seller, it is held in escrow on the website and waits there until the buyer confirms that he received what he paid for. In case the buyer forgets to confirm, the system will automatically confirm receipt of the item and release the bitcoins after certain amount of time. However, for this particular service, you have to be a trusted and qualified seller. This way, both parties are protected from frauds. (Unless the website performs an exit scam and the admins take to their heels with the escrowed bitcoins.)
3. Dual rating system to increase trust – this feature works similarly as rating on any other eCommerce shop, such as Amazon or eBay. Both, buyer and seller can give each other ratings and reviews.

4. Automatic currency conversion using current exchange rates – buyers and sellers are able to see the current exchange rate for $ USD, € EUR, £ GBP, 元 Chinese Yuan. It is extremely useful because the value of the bitcoin varies from day to day, and this way you can always check.

5. PGP login for extra security – not all dark web markets offer this safety feature. PGP is the new standard of encryption and if you have the option to use it as a login, please do. Also, Dream Market offers automatic encryption of messages, which is probably the reason why Dream Market has survived all this time. Automatic encryption practically means that nobody can read your messages but the person it is intended for.

public key cryptography
6. Chat system for faster instant communication – it is probably the only dark web market that offers live chat which is pretty neat and time-efficient. It also has a built-in messaging system with conversations, making the conversations between buyers and vendors smooth, without the need for any external programs. So, everything is just a click away on the Dream Market and everything is absolutely safe. You only have to be careful and double check every link somebody sends you, because it might be a phishing link. However, this can happen to you anywhere, not just on the Dream Market.

7. Affiliate program to share profits – like any other web-based market, Dream Market offers the affiliate program. Every user can invite a new user through referral links and earn up to 25% from fees and commissions for each registered user that used their referral link.

8. Seller product and order management system – this system offers the ability to start a dispute, whether you’re a customer or a seller. Whenever you encounter a problem with closing the deal and receiving the money or receiving the goods you’ve ordered, you can start a dispute and someone from the staff will look into it.

9. Different shipping prices supported – Dream Market really seems to take care of every single customer because there are different shipping prices for different shipping distances. So, if you wish to save a bitcoin of two, all you have to do is choose to buy from a vendor physically closer to you and he will probably be able to offer you lower shipping prices.

10. Captcha secured registration and login – no bots are able to log into any account, but be careful – the captcha is case sensitive so you won’t be able to log in either if you make a mistake.

11. Support to recover lost password with PIN numbers – if you’ve forgotten or lost your password, it’s still no reason for panic – you will always be able to recover it using your PIN code. However, make sure you don’t forget that as well, for in that case you’ll have a good reason to start panicking.

12. Password update function – this enables you to change your password at any point, especially if you doubt that your account has been hacked. In that case it is certainly advisable to do that before your hacker does it for you and before he helps himself with your bitcoins.

13. phpBB board for member discussions – if you’d like to visit Dream Market’s forum just follow this link http://tmskhzavkycdupbr.onion For what it’s worth, it is quite friendly and pleasant. The staff makes it a point to respond to every question and is always willing to help. Many questions have already been asked so check before starting a thread. Login information is the same as those you use for the Dream Market.

14. Verified import of your Black Market Reloaded reputation – this basically means that if you are selling or buying at any other dark web market, you can opt to import your reputation and scores from there. You will get a badge and ratings as well so it’s clear to everybody that you are a verified user.

Dream Market is currently the only serious competitor of AlphaBay marketplace which still holds the top position among darknet markets with over 200,000 users. It is highly respected on the Dark Web and regarded as a real survivor. Even though there are much less listings on Dream Market as opposed to, say, AlphaBay, its community is pretty strong and loyal and amounts up to 125, 000 of customers.

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